Why Should I Buy Real Estate from PropertyLark?

Network of investors looking to buy real estate

If you are looking to buy real estate (or multiple properties) for any reason, it pays to join the PropertyLark home buying network. We have house flippers who specialize in fix and flip investments. We have rental property owners who are interested in buy and hold properties. We have regular home buyers looking for primary residences through off-market deals.

So, why should you buy real estate from PropertyLark? Let’s look at a few of the key advantages we offer.

Off-Market Deals

One of the biggest advantages of PropertyLark is that we can bring you deals that nobody else can. We buy houses and identify properties for sale outside of traditional means. You can search for houses on the MLS, but they are usually being represented by real estate agents and marketed. This drives up the prices. Plus, they can be found by any buyers and investors, which creates competition and also drives up prices through multiple offers and bidding wars.

PropertyLark uses a variety of methods to find excellent properties for our members. If you are looking to buy real estate and find the best deals, you will want to be a part of our exclusive network. Here are just a few of the methods we use to find houses and attract motivated sellers:

  • Marketing—PropertyLark uses direct mail, email marketing, outdoor advertising, cold calling, social media, PPC ads and a variety of other highly effective marketing systems to target motivated sellers. They may be motivated to sell for a variety of reasons (financial hardship, divorce, job relocation, unwanted investment property, inherited property, house needs major repairs, etc.). The key is they need to sell quickly and don’t want to go through the traditional real estate sales process. They reach out to us and we connect our buyers with these motivated sellers to get excellent off-market deals done through cash sales or other creative financing solutions.
  • Website—You’ve seen the PropertyLark website. You are on it. It’s nice, isn’t it? It is specifically designed to optimize SEO and generate direct response from visitors. Motivated sellers can easily find our site and request an offer. This is usually the beginning of a good deal in the making!
  • Property Analytics—We have developed proprietary software that scans the web in areas where our buyers are searching. It identifies and catalogs houses for our team to review. We then run detailed analytics on each target property to determine if they are worth buying. We analyze profit potential for both fix and flip and buy and hold investments. No matter how the property gets in front of us—through this software, through website leads or through our various marketing systems—we run it through our analytics process to determine if it is a viable lead worth passing onto our network of buyers.

Exclusive Membership

We don’t just buy any properties at PropertyLark. That’s what our analytics tools are designed for and why we have a staff that is extremely knowledgeable about home buying. We also don’t just allow anyone to join our home buying network. If you want to buy real estate through PropertyLark, you have to show us you are worthy. Investment experience, solid financial backing and clear home buying intentions are a few of the criteria we review.

If you do qualify for the PropertyLark network, you will have exclusive access to our off-market property listings and our analytics tools. This is how we help you find better properties and make better deals. Most of our buyers are real estate investors. However, we do also work with regular home buyers who are looking for something specific in a new home. Maybe you want a fixer-upper, are able to pay cash or just don’t want to hire a real estate agent. Whatever your reason to buy real estate, PropertyLark has you covered!

So, how do you apply to join the PropertyLark home buying network? It’s simple. Just fill out the brief contact form and buyer questionnaire on any of the buyer’s pages of our website. You can click the button below to find it easily and the contact form will be right at the top of the page!