Why Should You Buy Real Estate from PropertyLark?

Buy real estate from PropertyLark

If you are thinking about joining the PropertyLark home buying network, you probably have plenty of questions. Be sure and check out our full Buyer FAQ page to address many of the most common questions. Today, we’ll tackle the first one on our list in more detail:

Why Should I Buy Real Estate from PropertyLark?

PropertyLark works with real estate investors of all types, as well as some regular home buyers. Whether you are looking for a primary residence, a fix and flip (house flip) property or a buy and hold (rental/income) property, we have you covered with the resources you need. We offer houses that aren’t for sale anywhere else. These are off-market deals on great properties that we sell directly to our network members.

How we get these excellent off-market properties is important to understand.

Aggressive Marketing to Motivated Sellers

First, we have a very aggressive marketing campaign. We use online resources (direct response ads, SEO, social media, etc.) to target motivated sellers who want or need to sell their houses soon. We also have direct mail marketing to homeowners in certain market, as well as those who have been identified as being in “financial distress” situations (pre-foreclosure, tax default, etc.).

Our marketing brings motivated home sellers to us. They contact us for a cash offer and then we work with them to determine the best selling solution—if, and only if, we feel their property is worth buying.

Proprietary Property Analytics

We won’t just buy any house at PropertyLark. In fact, we are quite picky about what we identify as being worth the investment of time and money. Sellers contact us for an offer. We carefully research the property and run it through our custom-designed analytics software. We run calculations to estimate repair/renovation costs and then determine potential resale/rental value. The goal is to determine if the property is a worthwhile investment for us or any of the investors in our network.

In addition to our seller marketing campaigns, our property analytics software is also constantly scanning and searching MLS listings and other online resources to find properties that are worth exploring further. We may find something that is underpriced or has been sitting on the market for a long time, but has great investment potential. Then, we may reach out to the seller or turn the lead over to one of our investors who we think might be interested in this type of unit.

Home Buying Options

There are some properties we will buy ourselves and make available to the investors in the PropertyLark network. Other properties or purchase leads may be passed on directly to a buyer we know is looking for specific types of properties in a specific market. We may start the offer process with the seller and then transfer the contract over to a different buyer. Or, we may introduce the investor directly to the seller to make their own offer and work out their own contractual details. However you prefer to buy, we will work with you to make it happen.

Most real estate investors in our network are cash home buyers, but we have some who may use different types of financing or are willing to work with the sellers to explore more creative seller financing options.

Do You Qualify for the PropertyLark Network?

We don’t buy every house and we don’t work with every home buyer. Buyers and investors must qualify to join the exclusive PropertyLark real estate network. When you fill out the brief questionnaire on the buyer application page, you will tell us about yourself, your budget and your property preferences. We can determine if you are a good fit for the network. If you are, we will approve your application.

The more we work with you, the more we get to know your preferences. The more great real estate deals we can bring your way!

To get started and to see if you qualify for the PropertyLark home buying network, please fill out the contact form and brief buyer questionnaire found to the right of this page.