Who is in the PropertyLark Network?

Real estate investors collaborating with plans

PropertyLark has built up (and is continuing to build) a successful network of real estate investors. It is a collaborative effort. Our purpose is to provide real estate investors with the resources and tools they need to be more profitable in their investments. No matter how or why you are buying houses, we’re here to help you get the most out of your real estate investment opportunities!

Exclusive members of the PropertyLark home buying network have access to advanced home search tools, customized analytics software and off-market deals that can’t be found anywhere else. We market to distressed sellers and we bring you the best real estate opportunities that allow you to turn a better profit. PropertyLark investors can also connect with one another as part of our network.

So, who is part of the PropertyLark network? It is important to know we deal mostly with single-family residential investors. We do occasionally have some multi-family properties, raw land and commercial properties, but buying and selling houses is our main focus. Here are some of the types of real estate investors we work with:

Buy and Hold Investment

Many of our investors purchase properties to buy and hold. They are looking for good deals on houses that can be cleaned or fixed up and then rent out for passive income through rent payments and long-term appreciation. Some manage properties themselves while others utilized property management companies to handle the day-to-day duties. PropertyLark can help you seek out great rental property opportunities, analyze the long-term investment potential and maximize your buy and hold profitability.

Fix and Flip Investment

We also work with many house flippers. Fix and flip investors buy houses in as-is condition. Then, they renovate the properties and resell for large profits. This approach will generate returns quicker than buy and hold investment, but definitely takes a lot of hard work, planning and focus to successfully execute the renovation and a profitable sale. PropertyLark can help identify great houses that are ideal for fixing and flipping thanks to our proprietary home search and analytics tools. Then, we can also offer professional home selling services once your house is ready to go to market.

Property Wholesale

Some investors in the PropertyLark network are looking for quick flips. They buy properties cheap and then resell them to other investors or home buyers. Wholesalers aren’t looking to do the renovations themselves, so they take a smaller profit to get the houses in the hands of someone else.

Regular Home Buyers

We have some regular home buyers (usually cash buyers) who join the PropertyLark network looking for a house that they can purchase and fix up for themselves. We do offer access to great off-market deals and other excellent home searching tools that can help many buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

These are our the main real estate investors and cash home buyers who make up the PropertyLark home buying network. To learn more about us and to apply for membership, please visit any of the buyer pages on our website.