Do You Want or Need to Sell Your House?

Couple packed up after selling house

There are many questions you may ask yourself if and when you are ready to sell your house. Do I need to hire a Realtor®? What can I expect from the process? How much money can I expect from the sale? And of course, how long will it take?

It’s this last question we’d like to focus on today. Timing is so important in real estate. The market is always changing, so issues like how long it will take to sell or what price you can sell for will vary from month to month. There are so many factors and variables involved in selling a home. Condition of the house will matter, as well as its location, floor plan and property features. Some properties are simply more “in demand” than others at any given time. The urgency with which you want or need to sell will also matter significantly.

Want vs. Need

The real difference to explore here is “want vs. need.” If you want to sell your house, but it is not an absolute necessity, then you will naturally have more home selling options. You are going to be able to hold out for better offers. You can take your time to get the property ready with cleaning, repairs and staging. You can and should hire a real estate agent to represent your sale and increase the house’s exposure through marketing and professional networking. These steps will net you the highest selling price possible if you “want” to sell in the near future.

If you “need” to sell soon, then you have different decisions to make. We’re talking about homeowners who may be in a financially distressed situation. Perhaps you are behind on mortgage payments and worried about foreclosure or you are facing a property tax default. Maybe your mortgage forbearance is ending or you recently lost your job. Other common “need to sell soon” scenarios include divorces, job relocations and unwanted inherited properties. You need to move quickly and/or get out from under the financial burden of your home as soon as possible.

I Need to Sell My House Soon!

In these situations, you have to explore all your home selling options and you need to make some faster decisions. You may not have the time or money to fix up your house and get it ready for a traditional open market sale. You may not want to hire a Realtor® and pay their commissions. You may not have several months to go through a standard preparation, listing, sale and closing process.

If you absolutely need to sell your house soon, you will want to consider working directly with a real estate investor or an investment company like PropertyLark. Real estate investors can offer you cash or other creative financial solutions that enable you to sell quickly. For example, a cash home sale may only take a week or two to complete from offer to closing. At PropertyLark, we’ve closed in as few as seven days! Compare this to the several months it usually takes to sell on the open market through a real estate agent. That may not be time you have to go through that standard process. Not to mention, you will still be paying homeownership expenses (mortgage, taxes, utilities, upkeep, insurance, etc.) that whole time until the property finally sells.

Explore Your Home Selling Options

So, it really does come down to want vs. need. If you want to sell, then by all means go through the traditional real estate process to get more offers and better prices. If you need to sell as soon as possible, then your options will be more limited. Working with a cash buyer or real estate investor may be your best solution for a fast, easy and safe sale.

If you would like to receive a fair cash offer on your house within 24 hours, please fill out the contact form on any page of the PropertyLark website. We can also help you explore all your home selling options if there is a better solution based on your specific situation. Just contact us today to get started!