With PropertyLark, You Set Your Own Closing Date!

Couple moving out of house.

One of the reasons that sellers love working with PropertyLark is because they are able to sell their houses quickly with as little hassle as possible. They benefit from a fast, easy and safe cash sale and are able to get out from under property that they don’t want, don’t need or can’t afford to live in anymore.

Timing is Everything!

We understand that time is often a huge factor in why someone decides to sell their house for cash. You might not have the time, money or resources to go through a traditional real estate sale through a Realtor®. That will typically require at least some out-of-pocket expenses and it will definitely take time.

Even the quickest traditional sales will take at least a month or two to complete. The house has to be prepared for sale (repairs, painting, cleaning, staging, etc.). Then it has to be listed, marketed and shown by the agent. Offers need to be reviewed. Once an offer is accepted, then it goes through the final escrow process, which is traditionally at least 30 days. There are other delays that can happen along the way, including a buyer’s financing falling through or problems with their contingent sale of another property.

Another option is to sell the house yourself (For Sale By Owner), but that will also take plenty of time and effort. The average open-market home sale will take approximately 3-6 months, depending on the market.

Sales Price

A cash sale may not get you the top-end sales price, but it will be much quicker and easier. Some sellers actually come out with more money in the end. A traditional sale will almost always get you a better price for your property. However, you have to factor in the expenses of getting it ready to sell, paying the real estate commissions and other closing fees, and continuing to pay ownership expenses like property taxes, mortgage payments and insurance until the title is officially transferred to the new owner.

Set Your Own Closing Date

When selling to PropertyLark, one of your biggest advantages is that we actually let you set your own closing date. You tell us when you want to move out or when you need to close the transaction. We’ve been known to close deals in as few as seven business days. If you are ready to go, we can get the deal done as quickly as you need. If you need more time, just let us know. We are always flexible because we understand that not every move-out situation is the same.

People are selling their houses to PropertyLark for any number of reasons including financial hardship, divorce, job relocation, unwanted investments, unwanted inheritances, tax defaults and pre-foreclosure—just to name a few common situations we see. That’s why we work with each seller to determine a solution that will work best. This includes creative financing options and, of course, allowing them to set their own move-out dates.

If you need a month to get your stuff together, find a new place and move your family, no problem. Just let us know. If you want to be out as soon as possible, great. We’ll get the transaction closed right away. The point is we are flexible and we are willing to work with you to find an agreeable plan that works for everyone.

Closing Date vs. Move-Out Date

We should note that your desired move-out date and the official closing date for the real estate transaction are one and the same. Once we take ownership of the property, you will need to be moved out. Our investors are going to want to get in there as soon as they can to begin renovations and do whatever other work needs to be done to get it ready to rent out or resell on the open market.

Most house sellers we work with are looking to sell quickly and move on. However, we do run into people from time to time who need a little extra time to move out and that’s perfectly fine. As long as you let us know upfront and we can set an agreeable closing date in the final contract, there will be no problems or surprises when it comes time to close the transaction and transfer the title.

If you have any questions about the PropertyLark home selling process, please let us know. You can also visit our Seller FAQs page for more information on specific topics. If you are ready to get your no-obligation cash offer, just fill out the simple contact form on any page of this site (it’s also over there to the right on this page) to get started. You do not have to accept our offer, but it never hurts to see what PropertyLark is willing to pay for your house!