The PropertyLark Real Estate Analytics Process

House on top of tower of blocks - real estate analytics concept

Any good real estate investor knows they have to run thorough real estate analytics when looking at properties to purchase. Whether you are a buy and hold investor (rental property owner) or a fix and flip investor (house flipper), careful analytics will help you sift through the garbage and find the best investment properties for your budget.

Ideally, you want to find a property that is in a good location and offers plenty of meat on the bone in terms of profit potential. You cannot go into real estate investing with the assumption that every property is a huge money-maker. Some houses just aren’t worth your time or money. Through analytics, you can find a house that fits your budget and gives you the best opportunity for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Our analytics process is one big reason that successful real estate investors choose to join the PropertyLark home buying network. We utilize custom real estate analytics software to identify properties with great investment potential. Like a lark out hunting for the best early morning meal, we are ahead of the crowd and finding our investors the best deals.

At PropertyLark, we use multiple methods to connect our buyers with excellent investment properties.

Listing Analysis

Our proprietary software is connected directly to the MLS and other real estate listing services. It is constantly scouring online listings and running them through our analytics. We get daily reports of listings with strong investment potential, and then we pass these onto our buyers. We can provide analytics numbers for rental properties or fix and flip investments, so you can see if it all fits within your budget and will be worth making an offer.

Off-Market Sales

We also use several different methods to attract off-market deals for our buyers. We have an aggressive marketing campaign targeting motivated sellers. These are sellers looking to avoid the traditional real estate process and timeline. They want to sell quickly and with minimal complications. They may be in a state of financial distress (tax default, pre-foreclosure, short sale, etc.) or they may be in a situation that requires a faster and simpler move out (divorce, job relocation, unwanted investment property, inherited property, etc.).

Connecting Home Buyers with Great Investment Opportunities

Sellers contact us directly to get a cash offer quote and/or to discuss their other selling or financing options. We run their properties through our custom real estate analytics software, as well. This gives us solid figures to make a proper analysis. If their property isn’t a good investment, we avoid it. If it has a lot of potential, we will either buy it ourselves (to list on our website for all our network investors to see) or pass the buying opportunity directly onto an investor in our system that we know is looking for this type of property.

The PropertyLark team is constantly studying the market trends and our analytics processes and software enable us to identify the best on- and off-market real estate investment opportunities for our buyers.

Not everyone will qualify for the PropertyLark home buying network, so submit your application today and see if you are eligible. There are just a few simple questions to answer. Visit our home buying page to learn more and to submit your investor questionnaire.