What is the PropertyLark Home Buying Network?

Real estate investors around table forming home buying network

As a real estate investor, there are different types of investment networks you can join. PropertyLark is an elite network of home buyers. We offer tools and resources to help our buyers find the best properties with the most investment potential. Here are some of the specific advantages we offer:

Home Search Tools

Our main goal at PropertyLark is to connect you with great investment properties that meet your buying criteria. You can search our available off-market listings, and we can also bring deals straight to you. As you work with us, we get to know your buying preferences and can help streamline your home search process. You aren’t going to find the best deals on the MLS, especially in today’s seller’s market.

Off-Market Deals

We bring our buyers excellent off-market real estate deals. We have an extensive seller marketing program that allows us to find and buy houses below market value. We then pass these deals directly onto our buyers. This gives you access to great investment properties that you won’t find listed anywhere else.

Advanced Property Analytics

PropertyLark has developed a proprietary software system that enhances the property analytics process. Our software is constantly scouring the internet for good real estate deals, and we can run any home through our program and determine its investment potential. This includes purchase price, projected renovation costs and then resale or rental price value. This gives you more peace of mind and better analytics when deciding which properties you want to purchase.

Financing Options

We work with both sellers and buyers to find the best possible solutions. This often includes creative financing arrangements like subject-to financing, lease options and more. Cash deals are ideal, but we realize cash isn’t always the best solution for the buyer and the seller. Different deals are often worth exploring to benefit everyone involved.

Affordable Transaction Fees

We do not charge any upfront fees to belong to the PropertyLark home buying network. Membership is free. However, there are nominal commissions and finder fees that we will charge on a transactional basis. We bring you the best properties and we only get paid when the deal is done.


Not everyone qualifies to join the PropertyLark home buying network. We are looking for serious investors who have a solid investment plan and the financial means to buy good properties. To see if you qualify, simply fill out the brief questionnaire that can be accessed on any buyer page of our website.

All Types of Investment Properties

We have many different real estate investors in our network. We have house flippers (fix and flip), rental property owners (buy and hold) and wholesalers. We facilitate deals and match our buyers with the sellers and properties that meet their investment criteria.

Safe and Secure

As a member of the PropertyLark network, you can rest assured that your personal information is kept safe and secure. We are not selling it to anyone else and our transactional process keeps both you and the seller protected until the sale is complete.

To learn more about the PropertyLark home buying network or to apply to join, visit our buyer’s home page and use the contact form at the top to get started.