Looking for a Good Handyman? Here Are 8 Simple Tips!

Handyman laying tile in a bathroom

Whether you just want some work done around the house or you are looking to make some repairs before selling your house, it’s good to have a handyman (or handywoman, of course) you can trust. You want someone affordable and trustworthy who does quality work. Someone who checks all these boxes may sound a little too good to be true, but trust us. They are out there. You just have to do your research to find the best handyman for your home.

Here are a few handyman search tips from PropertyLark:

1. Ask Around

The first thing you can do is ask your friends, family and neighbors for referrals. If they can recommend a local handyman they trust, it should help you feel more comfortable with your decision to hire them.

2. Interview the Handyman

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and “interview” the handyman. You are paying them to perform services, so make them earn your business. Try to understand their experience and areas of expertise to determine if they are right for the job. Ask them about their licensing and insurance. These requirements can vary from state to state and city to city, but most handymen and handywomen will need to have some sort of licensing (especially if working on big projects or specific types of repair or renovation jobs).

3. Give Them a Trial Run

It’s a good idea to give any handyman a “trial run” with a simpler, cheaper project first. This is a nice way to test them out and see how they get the job done. Are they responsive when you call? Is the work done well? Are their fees reasonable?

4. Be Very Specific

If you are hiring a handyman to do any type of project around the house, it’s very important to be as specific as possible. Make sure they understand what you want done and how you want it done.

5. Hire Specialists

Some handymen are better at some things than others. Some are good for small repairs and general work. Others may bring expertise in certain areas like plumbing, flooring or lighting. For the bigger, more specific jobs, you may want to hire a specialist. A general handyman may not be cut out for a major plumbing or electrical project. Those are probably best left to the true experts.

6. Understand Permit Requirements

Simple fix-up jobs around the house may not require any building permits, but bigger projects might. Before you just hire a handyman to do something, make sure the work will be up to code and secure any permits you need. If a permit is required, you will generally want to hire a licensed contractor for that kind of work.

7. Get Estimates Upfront

Understand the handyman’s fee structure, whether it’s an hourly rate or a flat fee. Get an estimate for any job before they start, and get that estimate in writing if you can. This is the best way to avoid “surprises” that end up costing you way more than initially quoted.

8. Never Pay Upfront

If a handyman or handywoman asks to collect the entire payment upfront, you should be leery. A down payment of 10% or less is somewhat common, but any more than that should raise some eyebrows. If you need to pay for the materials, make sure to get an accurate quote. For major material purchases, ask your handyman for a list of what they need and buy the materials yourself.

No matter what you need a handyman for, it’s good to have one that you know you can trust to provide quality, timely work at a reasonable rate. Follow these tips and you should have a better experience with hiring a handyman or handywoman for odd jobs around the house.

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