How to Sell My House in Modesto, CA

Modesto, CA city view - sell my house in Modesto

Modesto is a great city in the heart of California’s Central Valley. It has always had a solid real estate market. It will never be the hottest in the country, but it will never be the worst. What’s happening in a market like Modesto is a good indicator of average real estate trends throughout California and other U.S. locations. We have elements of urban, suburban and rural living here in the Central Valley. No matter what type of market you are in, you can learn a lot by what’s happening with home sales here in our home base of Modesto, CA.

Like every real estate market, Modesto has had its ups and downs in recent years. Mortgage rates, inflation and the pandemic have all had different effects, both good and bad. The market has definitely been slowing down here in 2022. Housing inventory is still low, but buyer demand is also down. Properties are starting to take a little longer to sell and price reductions are becoming more common for home sellers who don’t want their houses to sit on the market too long.

“So, how do I sell my house in Modesto in a slowing market like this?” That’s a good question to ask yourself. You have a few home selling options to consider.

Traditional Real Estate Sale

If you have the time and are willing to put in some effort to get your house ready for the open market, your best solution may be a traditional real estate sale. Hire a trustworthy Modesto Realtor® to guide you through the home selling process and take your time to prepare your property. The houses sitting on the market longest right now are the ones which need repairs or aren’t marketed well. They don’t look as attractive to buyers, so they won’t get as much attention or draw many offers.

A good real estate agent can help you get your house ready for sale with recommended repairs, upgrades, cleaning and home staging. They can also provide better marketing exposure through their professional network and local Modesto resources. This approach can help your property stand out from others, which may attract more potential buyers and, hopefully, better offers. Just know that this process can take time (several months at least) and may cost you some money out-of-pocket for repairs. You will also be paying for the Realtor® commissions and other closing costs, which will be taken out of your final selling total.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

If you want to avoid hiring a real estate agent and paying their fees, you can always opt to sell your Modesto house on your own. This will save you some money, but you will still benefit from investing in repairs, cleaning/staging and marketing. Without some extra effort, your for sale by owner house will likely not attract as much attention as one professionally staged and marketed by an experienced Realtor®. On average, FSBO properties will take longer to sell and/or will have lower selling prices. You have to take these factors into account when deciding if you want to go for sale by owner in Modesto or use a real estate broker. This option may not be worth it in the end unless you really know what you are doing.

Cash Home Sale

Lastly, you can consider a cash home sale to a local real estate investor or a “we buy houses Modesto” home buying company like PropertyLark. A cash home sale is a great solution if you are looking to sell your Modesto house as quickly as possible. It may also be the best option if you are dealing with financial distress and/or facing foreclosure or property tax default. You may not have the time and money to go through a traditional real estate sale or FSBO. Selling for cash to a real estate buyer can get you out from under your financial burden.

Cash sales can be completed very quickly (we’re talking weeks rather than months). Cash buyers will typically buy houses in as-is condition, so you don’t have to worry about repair or staging costs. They may waive home inspections and keep the closing process as simple as possible. They will generally cover most (if not all) closing costs, as well. Sometimes, when you add up all the costs of selling against the extra price you might get with a traditional sale, the monetary difference in the end is negligible. Meanwhile, you can sell your house much faster and easier with a cash deal.

PropertyLark is Modesto’s leading cash home buyer and we can also help you explore other home selling solutions—including a traditional sale with one of our California licensed Realtors®. To get a fair and fast cash offer or speak with one of our representatives, simply fill out the contact form to the right.