How to Sell Your Modesto House Fast

Happy home sellers who sold their Modesto house fast

Not every homeowner has the luxury of time. Some want—or need—to sell as quickly as possible. Whether the reasons are financial, emotional or otherwise, your priority is a fast home sale of your Modesto house.

Taking Your Time

If time is less of a concern for you and your family, then you can complete a traditional real estate sale on the open market. You will want to invest some time and money upfront to get your property ready. Fix it up as needed. Get it looking as nice and inviting as possible, so that it will attract more potential buyers and better purchase offers. Historical sales data shows houses that are in good shape and effectively marketed will generally sell faster than those which need some work. Rushing your home to market may result in a lack of interest, the possible need for price reductions and potential closing delays if problems are found during home inspections.

Need to Sell Your Modesto House Fast

If you are a homeowner in Modesto or the surrounding Central Valley communities—and you need to sell your house fast for any reason—you may need to explore other home selling options that don’t involve real estate agents, repair expenses and other investments of time and/or money. Some common situations where a fast home sale might be preferred include:

  • Loss of Job/Income (Financial Hardship)
  • Avoiding Foreclosure or Tax Default
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Unwanted Inherited Property
  • Relocation for Job or Family
  • Unwanted Investment Property
  • Sudden Change in Housing Needs (Medical, Family, etc.)
  • Privacy (Not Wanting a Public Listing or Sale)

Avoiding Closing Delays

Ultimately, the fastest way to sell any property is a cash transaction. A buyer paying all cash can greatly reduce the closing period. Most closing delays happen because of buyer funding issues. They are financing the purchase with a mortgage and a number of things could go wrong during the final loan approval and funding processes. They could end up getting denied their loan or not approved for as much as they need to borrow to buy your house.

Home inspections can also cause closing delays and canceled real estate transactions. Issues could be discovered during the inspections that cause the buyer to pull out (or the seller is forced to make certain concessions to make up for any unknown or undisclosed problems with the property).

The Fastest Way to Sell a Modesto House

You could get lucky with an open-market sale and find a cash buyer. This is a rare occurrence. Your best bet is generally going to be working with a local real estate investor or a “we buy houses Modesto” company like PropertyLark. Real estate investors have cash on hand or other more solid financing solutions that avoid the delays often caused by mortgage loans. This means the transaction can be closed very quickly. We’re talking weeks rather than a 45-90 day closing period you may encounter with a standard real estate sale.

Another benefit of working with a real estate investor is they will typically buy houses in as-is condition. This is great if your house is in need of significant repairs and you won’t want to spend the time or money to fix it up. They may require some sort of informal home inspection just to know the true condition of the property, but delays are much less common than you’ll find with home inspections during a traditional home sale. Most investors will also cover a majority—all in some cases—of closing costs to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a bare minimum.

If you own a Modesto home and want or need to sell it fast, contact PropertyLark today for a fair and quick cash offer on your property. Get started by filling out the contact form to your right. Tell us a little about you and your house, and we’ll get back to you with an offer!