How Quickly Do You Need to Move?

clock and house, need to move soon concept

One very important factor that all home sellers must consider is time. If you aren’t in any rush, you obviously have more time to prepare the property, hire a real estate agent, market it, have showings, wait for offers and go through the traditional home selling process. For many of us, time is more of a concern and this may affect how we go about selling our houses and moving out.

Need to Move Soon

There are certain situations where a homeowner needs to move out of the house relatively quickly. We see this when people are relocating for a job opportunity. Maybe it’s a couple going through a divorce. And of course, a need to sell and move out soon generally comes with severe financial distress. Someone may be behind on mortgage or tax payments. There are job losses and layoffs, medical emergencies and many other situations where the burden of homeownership is just too much to handle financially.

In this type of scenario, the homeowner may not have the luxury of time to go through a traditional home selling process that can take months to complete (and that’s if everything goes smoothly). The good news is there are quicker ways to sell your house and move out as soon as possible. The best option may be a cash home sale to a real estate investor or home buying company like PropertyLark. This solution may allow you to get out from under your property within weeks rather than months.

Need to Sell, But Need More Time to Move

Another very common scenario finds a homeowner in a financial position where they need to sell their house quickly. However, they are not quite ready to move out right away. They need a little time to pack up and figure out where they are headed next. Not all cash home buyers will give you a ton of flexibility in this respect. You may be asked to move out as soon as the deal is done.

This is not how we do business at PropertyLark. We understand moving out is not always that easy. If we make an offer to buy your house, we give you the option to let us know your desired move-out date. As long as it is within reason, we will work with you to finalize the financial transaction quickly while still giving you enough time to get your other affairs in order.

Would Like to Sell Soon

Lastly, there are plenty of property owners who aren’t necessarily in a rush to sell, but they they would like to sell their houses as quickly and easily as possible. Perhaps someone inherited a property they don’t want or it’s an unwanted investment unit they no longer wish to keep. They want to get a deal done privately and avoid the hassles and potential delays of a standard real estate sale.

We work with these types of property owners all the time at PropertyLark. Whatever your motivation for selling and moving on from your house, just let us know and we’ll find the selling solution and timing that is right for you.

Whether you want or need to sell your house soon—and whatever move-out time you require—PropertyLark is here to help you achieve exactly what you are looking for with simple and efficient results. Contact us today to get started.