How PropertyLark Identifies the Best Investments

PropertyLark is not your average cash home buyer. We don’t just buy any properties we come across. We use our extensive marketing program to entice home sellers to contact us. If their house qualifies for our program, then we make a cash offer and work to close the deal as quickly as possible.

At the same time, PropertyLark also actively searches real estate markets throughout the country looking for properties we know will be great investments. We’re not just waiting for motivated sellers to come to us. We are finding and making our own house purchases on behalf of our buyers.

How we analyze which properties are good investment opportunities and which are not is the real secret to our success. This is what sets us apart and it’s why home buyers and investors are lining up to join our elite buying network.

Any real estate investor knows that it takes a lot of extra work, research and foresight to identify good investment properties. At PropertyLark, we utilize a number of special techniques to find the best deals. Let’s take a look at a few of our methods:

Getting Sellers to Come to Us

We’ll first talk about our cash buying program. Our direct mail, online and social media marketing plan attracts motivated home sellers. They contact us for their offer, we bring the properties to our buyer network and we get the deals closed as quickly as possible. Because the sellers are reaching out to us and asking for a cash offer, we know they are more more likely to sell soon and to accept a fair offer—an offer that still leaves plenty of meat on the bone for the ultimate buyer. If there isn’t enough room for profitability, we won’t make an offer on a house that isn’t worth the effort.

Proprietary Software

We have developed our own custom property analysis software that streamlines the search and investment analysis processes. It is specifically designed for this purpose and we’ve been using it for many years with very successful results. When we analyze a property with our software, we know the true investment potential. We can calculate repair costs, estimate future resale/rental value and set the ideal purchase price. PropertyLark uses this technology when setting cash offers for sellers and when proactively searching markets of interest to our buyers.

Professional Analysis

Not everything can be done on a computer. PropertyLark’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to finding good properties, setting the right prices and negotiating with sellers. We look at every single property with a very critical eye. Between our software and our experience in real estate investing, we know the best houses to buy when we see them!

Buyer Preferences

Our buying network is always growing and we are always looking for investors who fit our program. (Fill out the form to the right and see if you qualify.) The more you buy from us, the more we get to know your preferences. This may include price ranges, geographic areas and types of properties. This allows us to bring more investment deals directly to you. We view our buyers as our partners. When we can bring you more properties you are interested in, we all win!

Quantity vs. Quality

There are different types of real estate investors out there and we understand this. Some are focused on volume while others purely want the most lucrative properties in a smaller portfolio. Again, this comes back to helping us get to know your buying preferences. PropertyLark will always be committed to bringing plenty of volume, while our analytics tools enable us to identify quality deals, as well. Whatever your real estate investment goals, we have you covered.

Check out the rest of our website and the PropertyLark Blog to learn more about our home buying system. If you are ready to apply and join our elite home buyer network, fill out the form to the right or on any of the buyer pages of this site. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your real estate portfolio.