How Long Should it Take to Sell My House?

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You are getting ready to sell your house, or maybe you are just thinking about making a move because the timing seems right. It helps to be as prepared as possible before selling your home. You want the process to be smooth and with minimal stress. And of course, you want to generate the highest selling price for your property.

It Takes Time

Another priority you may have is time. Some home sellers aren’t in a huge rush. They are willing to take the time and get the house ready for the market. They will talk with several real estate agents before choosing one to represent their side of the transaction. They will be patient while the property is marketed and shown to prospective buyers through open houses and personal tours. Lastly, they will wait until the right offer comes in from a qualified buyer who has strong funding and is willing to pay an acceptable price.

So, how long does the home selling process really take if you go through all these steps? It will depend on a number of different factors, but in general you can expect the entire process to take somewhere between 3-6 months to complete—measuring from the time you actually list the property on the MLS and are ready to start marketing/showing.

An Ever-Changing Real Estate Market

The real estate market has definitely shifted in the past couple years since the pandemic. There was awhile when mortgage rates were historically low and buyer demand was at an all-time high. It didn’t take much to sell a house. Now, we’re back to a more normalized market. Buyer demand is still solid and housing inventory is still extremely low, which does benefit home sellers. However, things aren’t moving as quickly right now. It will take some time to get the right offer and then you also have to factor in the closing process that may be 30-45 days once an offer is actually accepted.

Factors That Can Affect a Home Sale

These are just general numbers we are providing above because every real estate transaction will be a little different. There are a number of factors that can affect a home sale for a specific seller:

  • General Market Conditions (mortgage rates, economy, buyer demand, housing supply, etc.)
  • Local Market Conditions (how quickly homes are selling in a particular neighborhood/area)
  • Property Condition (condition of the house itself)
  • Home Desirability (square footage, floor plan, architecture, yard size, location, etc.)
  • Marketing (how the property is marketed and shown to buyers)
  • Asking Price (priced too high or low)
  • Seller Flexibility (willing to negotiate price or make other concessions to accept offer)

These are just some factors that can affect a home sale in today’s market. Just know that if you want to get the highest price possible for your property, it will take some time to complete the necessary steps. You may get lucky and find a great buyer right away. Or, it could take even longer. Just be prepared and be patient.

A Faster Home Selling Solution

If time is not on your side and you are prioritizing a faster home sale over price, you can consider a cash deal. Work with a local real estate investor or reach out to us at PropertyLark for an all-cash offer. Cash real estate transactions can be closed very quickly. We’re talking closing in weeks rather than months. Plus, most cash investors are buying houses in as-is condition, so that’s less prep time and money spent on getting the house ready with repairs, upgrades, cleaning, staging, etc. If you want to sell as soon as possible, you can with a cash offer.

Whether you want to go through the traditional home selling process or get a fair and fast cash offer for your house, contact PropertyLark. We’ll help you explore all your options and find the solution that’s best for you.