Is Your House in Condition to Sell?

Couple cleaning house to get it in condition to sell.

We’re in a seller’s market right now. However, that doesn’t mean all houses will sell easily. Some still sit on the market for a long time because of weak marketing, bad photography, undesirable location and/or poor condition. It’s this last issue we’d like to focus on today. Home sellers often underestimate how much the condition of their houses matter. The quality and presentation of the property are extremely important if you are hoping to sell your house for top dollar.

Houses in poor condition generally take longer to sell. They attract lowball offers, or maybe no offers at all, even when the market is relatively strong for sellers.

Making the necessary repairs is critical to your success as a home seller. It can be the difference between a bidding war and a few lowball offers from buyers. The property should be cleaned. Repairs should be made. Strategic upgrades should be considered. Let’s look at each of these three factors in more detail…

Clean Your House

Never underestimate the value of a house that looks and feels clean. This will make it look more attractive in listing photos and videos, and it will be more appealing to potential buyers when they come to preview the property in person. Declutter the living spaces and give your home a deep clean. It may be worth hiring a professional cleaning crew to do the job thoroughly. Clean up the entire inside of the house, as well as the exterior and yard. Make it look as pretty and inviting as possible. A fresh coat of paint never hurts, though just don’t paint over damage and hope that it will pass inspection.

Make Repairs

If you know about any damage to the property, you are legally required to disclose this information to the buyer when the contracts are drawn up. Withholding important information can be very troublesome later in the process. The home inspector will ultimately uncover any problems. Their report could delay the sale or cost you money to resolve the issue. Or, the buyer has the option at that point to pull out of the deal completely. If a problem isn’t found during inspection and the buyer encounters it after moving in, they may still have legal recourse and you could find yourself in serious hot water.

Invest the money to make the necessary repairs and get the property in the best shape it can be. If you can’t afford to make repairs, be prepared to disclose any known damage and expect that to decrease the amount most buyers will offer. They’ll see it as a “fixer upper” and will expect a discounted price compared to a similar property in better condition.

Consider Upgrades

In addition to taking care of the “necessary” home repairs, you may also consider making some strategic upgrades around the property. New energy-efficient appliances, smart thermostats, new flooring/carpet, scraping the old cottage cheese ceilings, etc.—these are a few upgrades you may want to make. Invest the time and money upfront to improve the resale value of your property. It can help you make more in the end when you get much higher offers from interested buyers. You may even find yourself in a bidding war if the improvements you make are really appealing!

These are a few key steps you can take to improve the curb appeal of your house. Clean it up, make sure it’s in good condition and think about making some improvements. This is how you get the most value out of your property when selling.

If you need help selling your house or you need to sell it fast in as-is condition, contact PropertyLark. We can help you explore your selling options and/or present you with a fair cash offer for a quick and easy sale.