The PropertyLark Home Search Process: How it Works

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The key advantage of joining the PropertyLark home buyer network is to get exclusive access to off-market listings and real estate deals that have been vetted and identified as excellent investment opportunities. This allows you to conduct a more efficient and effective home search.

Our Analytics Process

PropertyLark uses advanced proprietary software and analytics tools to find exceptional deals on properties. We run all the projected expenses, from what it will cost to buy to what it will cost to fix up, in order to determine the true purchase value. Then, we analyze the potential resale value or rental prices, along with long-term appreciation projections. Whether you are planning to buy and hold for the equity gains, fix and flip or use as an income property, you’ll know that the house is a great investment when it comes from PropertyLark.

So, how does the actual home search process work?

Well, first you have to qualify to be a part of our home buying network. Fill out the contact form on the buyer pages of the PropertyLark website. This will create your account and then take you to a brief online questionnaire that will tell us a little more about you, your investment goals, your real estate buying experience and your financing plans. The questionnaire shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to fill out.

We will then review your information and let you know within a few days if you are qualified or not. Once you are qualified as a PropertyLark buyer, then the real fun begins!

Exclusive Off-Market Real Estate Deals

You will have access to our exclusive off-market listings. These are properties that we identify and buy, and then offer to the qualified buyers in our network. You will be given personal log-in credentials on, where you can browse and search the available home listings in the areas of your choice. You’ll be able to see information about the properties, as well as our thorough analytics breakdown on each house. We make it super easy for you to find great investment deals that we know will provide excellent returns on investment (ROI).

In addition to our home search tools, we will also send properties directly to you via email and text. Whenever we get a new house that we think will be what you are looking for, we will send it out to you for consideration. The more we get to know you and your investment goals, the more we’ll be able to send you these properties that meet your search criteria. Ultimately, we’ll determine your ideal price range, property types, geographic preferences and other factors that help us help you find the houses you are looking for.

Helping You Get More Out of Your Investments

Between the home search options, in-depth analytics and personal notifications, PropertyLark does a lot of the hard work for you. We bring you great deals on houses with excellent investment potential. Then, you can decide which investments you want to pursue. Whether you are looking to buy dozens of investment properties or just one, PropertyLark has what you need.

To see if you qualify for our elite home buying network, fill out the contact form and questionnaire on the PropertyLark buyer site. Then, let us take care of the rest!