Which Home Repairs Should You Make Before Selling Your House?

Home repairs, man installing new window

If you are planning to sell your house sometime in the near future, one issue to consider is home repairs. Making the necessary repairs can help increase the property’s appeal to potential buyers. It will make the house look better in photos, videos and home tours. It could enable you to sell your house faster and with less trouble when the home inspectors come through during the closing stage.

Necessary Home Repairs vs. Value-Adding Upgrades

There are necessary repairs you should take care of like cleaning, painting and fixing obvious damage to walls, windows, or any other areas that buyers and home inspectors would easily notice when going through the property. Then, there are additional strategic repairs and upgrades you may want to consider. These are items that could potentially boost the resale value of your house. You can attract more buyers and better offers with upgraded flooring, insulation, bathroom/kitchen remodeling, new appliances, energy efficient upgrades and smart technology.

Benefits of Making Home Repairs Before Selling

If you have the time and money to make both the necessary repairs and some strategic upgrades, then you might be able to significantly increase your home’s resale value. Most home buyers are looking for a house they can move into right away without having to put too much of their own work into the property. They want something that looks nice and is in good shape. Then, some of those modern amenities like energy-efficient appliances and smart features only enhance the house’s appeal in today’s market.

On average, houses that look run-down or are clearly in need of some work will take longer to sell on the open market. Even if the marketing is great and everything looks beautiful online, buyers will still see the issues when they tour the property in person. They either lose interest because of this, or they will come through with lowball offers for your “fixer upper” house.”

What If I Can’t Afford Repairs?

If your house has major damage that you simply can’t afford to repair, then you may have some other decisions to make. We’re talking about cracks in the foundation, plumbing or electrical problems, roof damage, termites, dry rot and other serious home repair issues. These are things a fresh coat of paint or new flooring cannot cover up. You are legally obligated to disclose any known property damage when listing the house for sale. Either way, the home inspector will uncover these problems, which will lead to significant delays or the buyers backing out during closing.

If the damage is beyond your means or you simply don’t have the time or money to take care of even the most basic home repairs, your best bet is likely to sell your house for cash. Real estate investors will generally buy homes in as-is condition because they are already planning their own repairs and renovations. You won’t get as high of a selling price as you would if you invested money in the repairs or upgrades. However, you can sell your property quickly and without any major complications. The investor will offer cash for your house and you don’t have to worry about making repairs, cleaning, staging or anything like that.

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