What to Do with Your House When Getting a Divorce

Woman going through divorce home sale

It’s unfortunate to have to go through a divorce, but it’s a pretty common situation these days. Unexpected things happen in life and sometimes you just have to move onto the next chapter, whatever that may be for you and your former spouse.

What Should You Do with Your House?

One of the biggest challenges that often arises in a divorce settlement is what to do with your house. Both of your names are likely on the title (and mortgage loan), so you have to come to a resolution that you can both agree to. Does one person keep the house as part of the settlement, or do you decide to sell it and split the equity?

We can’t help you with that primary decision. If you do decide to sell, PropertyLark may be the home selling solution that’s best. Going through traditional real estate channels (i.e. hiring a real estate agent) takes time you may not have. It also costs money to prepare the property for sale, unless you want to sell it as-is and take what you can get. Who is going to pay for the repairs, staging and other steps it will take to get the property on the open market? Then, you also would still have shared mortgage payments, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, HOA dues and any other ownership expenses you’ll be required to pay until the sale officially closes.

In many divorce cases, it simply makes common sense to want to sell the house as quickly and efficiently as possible. It makes the divorce process one little bit less complicated. It allows both spouses to move on—ideally with some extra money in their pockets from the property sale!

Sell to PropertyLark for a Fair Cash Offer

This is where PropertyLark comes in as your cash house buying solution. We’ve been known to close on properties in as few as 7 days, putting cash in the hands of the sellers without any risk of selling complications like buyer loan funding falling through or surprises found during home inspections.

How it Works

First, you contact PropertyLark by filling out the seller cash offer request form that can be found on just about every page of this website (it’s actually right over there on the right of this page if you need it). We will review your information and email you within 24 hours with our initial cash offer and buying terms.

If you choose to accept the offer (there is no obligation if you choose not to), we will set up a time to stop by your house and do a basic home inspection to make sure everything is as described. Ultimately, we buy every house in as-is condition, so you don’t have to worry about the time or money it will take to make repairs. Still, we have the right to see what we are buying and make sure there are no major surprises. Seems fair, right?

Set Your Own Closing Date

During the selling process, you will also let us know your desired closing date. With a divorce, that may be as soon as possible. However, if you need more time to move out, please just inform your PropertyLark representative and we will make whatever arrangements are needed to close exactly on the time frame that you set.

Divorces can be messy business, so why make your house sale more complicated than it needs to be. Avoid the hassles while saving time and money by selling directly for cash to PropertyLark. Fill out the offer form and get your no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours!