Getting the Best ROI from Your Investment Property

Learn how to set a realistic target ROI (return on investment) when buying investment property to fix and flip or to renovate and rent out for profit.

House Flipping 101: Save Money without Sacrificing Quality

If you are looking to fix and flip a house, follow these house flipping tips from PropertyLark to save time and money without sacrificing quality.

How to Qualify for the Exclusive PropertyLark Home Buyer Network

If you are looking for great off-market deals and want to join the exclusive PropertyLark home buyer network, here is the information you need to know.

The Best Single-Family Home Investment Options

If you are buying a single-family home investment, you must go in with a solid plan and know exactly what you are doing with the property. Here are some options to consider.

How PropertyLark Identifies the Best Investments

PropertyLark utilizes several special methods to identify the best real estate investment opportunities and secure the best house deals for our elite network of home buyers.

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Find helpful information for house sellers, home buyers and real estate investors on the PropertyLark real estate blog. Learn more about our system and how we can help you with your home purchase or sale.

Buying Real Estate Has Never Been Easier!

PropertyLark has built an elite network of home buyers and real estate investors. Once you qualify to join our program, you will be given exclusive access to great house listings and hidden off-market gems. Learn how here.