How Do I Get a Cash Offer from PropertyLark?

Man looking at computer, getting cash offer from PropertyLark

If you are thinking of selling your house, you will have different home selling options to consider. Many are looking to avoid the traditional real estate process with a Realtor®, open houses and complex contracts. Meanwhile, some people are in a position where they need to sell as quickly as possible for various reasons. In these cases, you will want to get a fair cash offer from a reputable real estate investor like PropertyLark.

Ultimately, we can help you explore a variety of home selling and financing options, but buying houses for cash is one of our specialties. We realize you may have questions about house the cash home sale process works, so let’s walk through some of the common FAQs.

How Do I Request a Cash Offer?

It’s simple. You will find a contact form on every page of the PropertyLark website. It’s right in the header. Just follow the instructions. You will submit the address of the house you are selling, provide us with your contact info and give us a few more details about the property and why you are selling. This is all you need to do to get started!

How Fast will I Receive My Cash Offer?

PropertyLark can get you a fair cash offer on your house within 24 hours (one business day) of submitting your contact form. We may contact you via phone or email first to gather a little more information. Our property experts will then evaluate the house and send you a cash offer to review. We may also present you with other selling or financing options at this point, depending on your specific situation.

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Yes, PropertyLark takes the utmost care in protecting any information or data we collect from home sellers. Everything is stored on a secure private server and nothing is shared with third parties without your permission. No information is sold to marketing companies or spammers. It will only be shared (with your authorization) with anyone who needs to be involved in the real estate transaction (mortgage lender, escrow company, home inspectors, etc.).

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Offer?

The cash offer is free. It will not cost you anything to get a cash offer from PropertyLark.

How Does PropertyLark Determine the Cash Price?

You can read a previous article for more details about our property review process, but we go through a careful analysis. We look at comparable values of other houses in your neighborhood, market trends and many different factors to determine what we feel is a very fair cash offer. Remember that cash offers will never be as high as the price you will get through a traditional real estate sale. However, the process will be much faster and simpler. You also won’t have to spend time or money on repairs, real estate agent commissions and ongoing ownership expenses while you wait for your house to sell on the open market.

Do I Have to Accept the Cash Offer?

No. There is no obligation to receive a fair cash offer from PropertyLark. That’s why it never hurts to get one and see if a cash sale may be your best option. We will present you with our offer and you can accept it or not. You aren’t committed to anything until you officially accept the offer.

How Long Does the Selling Process Take?

You will get a cash offer within 24 hours of your first contact. After that, the timeline is largely up to you. We’ve been able to close some cash transactions in as little a week. However, we let the seller select their own closing date (within reason). If you need a month or two to move out, then we will work with you to time everything out as desired. If you want to sell and move as soon as possible, we can make it happen. It’s up to you!

If you are ready to sell your house and want to get a fair cash offer from PropertyLark—even if you are just testing the waters—please fill out the contact form at the top of any page on our website. Let us help you find the best home selling solution. You can also read more FAQs like these by clicking this link.