Buying Real Estate Has Never Been Easier!

PropertyLark has built up an elite network of home buyers and real estate investors, and we are always looking for new members. If you are an active real estate buyer anywhere in the country, we want to talk to you!

We are looking for serious real estate buyers and investors. Not just anyone can join our network. If you qualify, however, you will be given exclusive access to our home buying resources. You will be able to search listings in your area. You will receive notifications directly from the PropertyLark team. Through our qualification process, we get to know your buying preferences and geographic interests. This allows us to send incredible off-market real estate opportunities to you first.

Here’s how the PropertyLark buying system works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Application

First, you must contact us and submit your application to join our elite buying network. Just fill out the contact form on the buyer’s pages of our website or look to your right to find the correct form. ——>

You will need to provide your contact information and answer some basic questions about your buying intentions. The PropertyLark team will then review to see if you pre-qualify to join our exclusive home buyer network.

Step 2: Interview

Once you have applied, we will give you a call. In this interview, we will ask some additional questions in order to further determine if you meet the PropertyLark program requirements. There may be additional information you need to provide at this stage. This process allows us to better get to know our buying candidates and vet them in order to make sure they are serious buyer with the financial backing and experience necessary to buy our properties.

Step 3: Home Search

After you have been approved and are officially part of the PropertyLark buying network, you will be given exclusive access to our house listings. You will be able to search available homes for sale in the areas of your choosing, and you can refine your search by various real estate criteria. You will have a personal log-in to the website, where you can conduct your home searches.

In addition, PropertyLark buyers also get direct contact from our team when we recognize home buying opportunities that we think will be of interest to you. You will let us know your preferences and interests during the initial qualification/interview process, and we will get to know your goals even better the longer you work with us. We use proprietary software and custom analytics to identify and buy houses with excellent investment potential, and then we pass these hidden off-market gems on directly to our buyers.

Most of PropertyLark‘s home listings will not be on the MLS, so you won’t have to search through all those properties that aren’t good investment opportunities. You won’t have to deal with house auction sites either. PropertyLark‘s home listings are ONLY available to our network of home buyers and real estate investors.

As for how we buy our houses, you can click here to learn a little more about our cash buying process. Rest assured we are able to get great deals and then pass them onto our buyers at good wholesale prices.

The PropertyLark buying system is easy, fast and safe. Once you have qualified to join our network of buyers, we make it simpler than ever to find and buy exceptional investment properties!

To learn more about PropertyLark and to apply to join our exclusive buying network, contact us today!