How Does PropertyLark Get Such Good Real Estate Deals?

There are multiple ways in which PropertyLark gets good real estate deals to pass onto our elite network of property buyers. The two most common are cash offers to motivated sellers (off-market deals) and listed properties identified as good investments through our analytics techniques (on-market deals). Let’s take a deeper look at both processes, so you know where PropertyLark’s great properties are coming from.

Cash Offers to Motivated Sellers

PropertyLark uses an extensive marketing program and search engine optimization tools to get our name out there to motivated sellers throughout the country. If someone is thinking of selling their house (or more likely, they are in a position where they need/want to sell their house as quickly as possible), they can easily find us and request a fair cash offer online.

We present the seller with a cash offer within 24 hours of first contact and then we can close the deals in as few as 7 days. The seller does have the option to set their own closing date, but in most cases they are looking to move as soon as possible. These are people dealing with financial hardship, dumping unwanted properties that they inherited, moving for their jobs, going through divorces, unable to afford home repairs and other situations where selling for cash makes a lot of common sense. Some homeowners just don’t want to deal with the hassles and expenses of a traditional home sale through a Realtor®, so they contact us directly and we make a cash offer on their property.

Whatever the reason sellers come to us, we are able to pick and choose the properties that have the most potential and buy them at great cash prices. We don’t just buy any home from any seller who contacts PropertyLark. We are picky and we are working with our buyer network in mind. If you are part of our network and have identified the specific types of properties you are looking for in a certain area, we can weed out the bad ones and only present you with the best deals. Then, we can close quickly and you can do whatever you want with the investment property!

Investment Analytics Process

You can check out our article on “How PropertyLark Identifies the Best Investments” for more details on our proprietary analytics tools and investment analysis process. In a nutshell, we have developed our own software that essentially scours the internet daily in search of good real estate deals on the open market. The software looks at the asking prices, market data and other information to weed out 99.9% of the houses that aren’t worth our time and generate a list of the small percentage that could be good investments.

The PropertyLark team then personally reviews each listing, runs some more calculations and determines if it is worth pursuing. We may buy it ourselves to resell or we will usually pass the property lead directly to our buyers who are looking for properties in that particular market. The more we work with you and identify what you are looking for, the better deals we can send your way.

Getting You the Best Real Estate Deals

As our buyers further define their investment goals, we can feed that information into our analytics software and search for properties on your behalf. Meanwhile, we are still getting hundreds of leads every day from the motivated sellers who are willing to sell for cash. We send all the best on- and off-market deals to you and then you can decide which ones you want to pursue. This is what being a part of the PropertyLark buyer network is all about!

To learn more about our home buying process and to apply to become part of our exclusive network of home buyers and real estate investors, contact us today!