Looking for Off-Market Real Estate Deals?

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As a real estate investor, you sometimes have to get creative when looking for houses to buy. You probably won’t find many good deals scanning the MLS or classified home listings. You generally have to dig a lot deeper to find properties with strong investment potential—houses you can purchase for a lower price, fix up and then turn into a nice profit center as a rental unit or flip. Finding the best deals is how you maximize your return on investment (ROI).

How to Find Motivated Sellers

However, we all know that finding these great deals is easier said than done. You can do your own marketing to attract motivated sellers, but that takes time and money. You can search through bank foreclosure listings and distressed property auctions. Unfortunately, anyone can have access to those listings. You can build relationships with Realtors®, mortgage lenders, probate attorneys and others who might help you find some worthwhile properties.

All of these are smart ideas to increase your property search abilities. You should also consider joining the PropertyLark real estate investment network. We offer excellent off-market deals that you simply will not find listed anywhere else. Investors must qualify to be a part of our network, so these properties aren’t available to everyone. Plus, these houses have already been properly analyzed and vetted to determine if they have strong investment potential.

How We Find the Best Off-Market Real Estate Deals

PropertyLark has an extensive marketing campaign and a network of professional resources. Motivated sellers come to us directly looking to sell their houses. Some are in a state of financial distress. Others just want or need to sell their homes as quickly as possible and don’t want to go through the traditional real estate process. They want to avoid Realtor® fees, slow closing timelines and other common selling issues.

Just as we don’t accept every real estate investor into our network, we also don’t purchase every house that comes our way. We have developed custom property analytics software and tools to determine if a house is worth buying. We look at the purchase price, estimate renovation costs and project resale value (or rental prices) based on the location, floor plan and many other key factors. We run each property through this intense process, so that our investors know they are getting a good deal.

Bringing You Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities

There are some properties that PropertyLark will purchase directly and resell to members of our network. Then, we also facilitate indirect real estate transactions. We find a great house to buy and then match it with the needs of our investors. We get to know you and your buying preferences, so we can bring off-market real estate deals straight to you. You can then work out your own contract with the sellers, whether it’s a cash purchase or some other creative financing solution.

In other words, we find great investment opportunities and pass them onto you!

To learn more about the PropertyLark home buying network, visit our buyer home page. To see if you qualify for our network, fill out the brief contact form and questionnaire to the right.