8 Things to Renovate for a House Flip

House flip renovation concept

If you are buying a house to flip and planning your renovation, you will want to prioritize certain features. This is how you create a focused budget and attract more potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

So, what are the most important home features in today’s real estate market? Here are 8 of the things you should focus on when planning your house flip renovation:

1. Floor Plan

This is especially important if buying an older house with an outdated floor plan. Today’s home buyers prefer more open floor plans that feel spacious and inviting. Whether you design a great room that opens up the main living room, dining room and kitchen areas or you just remove a few walls that disrupt flow, you will want to create the most attractive floor plan possible—one that will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

2. Kitchen and Bathrooms

The most important rooms in any house—especially from the perspective of a potential buyer—are the kitchen and the bathrooms. These should command special attention when designing your remodel and completing the renovation. Think about modern kitchen features and open space. Install nice bathroom fixtures and make sure the plumbing system is in great shape. If you make the kitchen and bathrooms look amazing, you can win over many buyers.

3. Windows

Windows are often overlooked in renovation plans, but they shouldn’t be. Look for opportunities to install larger windows and let in more natural light. Homeowners love natural light. Also invest in energy-efficient windows and doors that can help conserve electricity with better insulation.

4. Energy Efficiency

Speaking of energy efficiency, this should be a top priority when renovating a home into a modern living space. Install appliances and features that will reduce energy consumption. Look for upgrades like smart thermostats, solar panels, storage batteries, EV hookups and other elements that will improve the home’s energy efficiency. Many of these upgrades come with federal and/or state rebates, so they are often good investments on multiple levels.

5. Curb Appeal

From your front door and entryway to your front yard and garden, you want to put an emphasis on curb appeal. How attractive does the house look from the street. Do people driving by want to stop and see what’s inside? Make your home look great inside and out to attract more interested buyers.

6. Outdoor Features

Don’t neglect the backyard. Invest in some nice landscaping elements and create nice outdoor spaces. Decks, patios, gazebos, gardens, pools and other features can really help put your property over the top when it comes to buyer appeal.

7. Flooring

Though there are some rooms and designs where carpeting can be the best choice, most modern homes are featuring flooring surfaces that look nice and are easier to keep clean. Luxury properties may demand higher-end flooring materials such as hardwoods, while others can be fine with laminates, tiles or sectional flooring that will still look great while being more affordable to install.

8. Neutrality

Think neutral when it comes to colors and certain design elements. Injecting too much of a specific personal style into the house will limit how many buyers might be interested. Maximize your reach and appeal to more buyers. Let them imagine themselves living there. Don’t force your own personal tastes on them. Oftentimes, function is much more important than form when it comes to house flips.

These are some of the key items you should cover when planning your house flip and designing your renovation. For more real estate investment resources for house flippers and rental property owners, follow the PropertyLark Blog and consider joining our home buying network.