3 Advantages of a Cash Home Sale

Happy home sellers ready to move - cash home sale advantages concept

If you need to sell your house—and especially if you need to sell it quickly—you may be exploring the option of a cash home sale. There are always real estate investors, home buying companies and cash-ready home buyers out there willing to pay you good money for your property. The price may not be as high compared to a traditional sale on the open market with the help of a Realtor®. However, the benefits of a cash home sale may outweigh any drawbacks, depending on your specific homeownership situation and financial needs.

Here are 3 of the best advantages of a cash home sale:

1. Expediency

One reason why many home sellers opt to sell for cash is for expediency. A normal home sale takes a lot of time and requires several big steps (getting the house ready, marketing, showings, waiting for offers, negotiations and closing). At best, it may take a couple months to complete the sale. On average, you can expect it to be around 4-6 months. A cash transaction can take weeks to finalize. At PropertyLark, we’ve been known to close deals in as few as seven business days. There is no buyer mortgage approval and funding to wait on. There are no required home inspections and other steps that usually have to happen during a standard real estate closing. You can have your debts paid off/down and/or cash in your hand very quickly with a cash home sale!

2. Simplicity

A cash home sale simplifies the home selling process dramatically. You don’t have to spend time or money getting the house ready for sale. You don’t have to hire a real estate agent, host open houses/showings or wait for offers. You get a cash offer, you accept the terms and the transaction closes very soon. Because the buyer is paying cash, everything about the closing process is super simple and easy.

3. Discretion

Not everyone wants to work with a real estate agent or conduct a big spectacle to sell their house. Some people want to keep the process more private and discreet. We often work with home sellers who are in a financial distress situation (behind on mortgage/tax payments, unemployment, etc.) or dealing with a family issue (divorce, inherited property, etc.) and they don’t want to draw a lot of attention to the listing. A cash home sale can be completed very privately without a lot of people parading through your house.

There are a number of other advantages that can come with a cash home sale. At PropertyLark, we’re committed to an easy, fast and safe home selling process. We make it simple for you and you can close the deal as quickly as you want. In fact, you can set your own closing/move-out date with us. Just let us know your situation and home selling needs. We’ll find the best solution and can make a fast and fair cash offer if you are ready to sell quickly.

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