The 10 Most Important Home Features for Today’s Buyers

Kitchen design plan to highlight desirable home features

If you are thinking about selling your house or just want to gauge its overall desirability and value in today’s market, it’s important to do your research. There may be steps you can take to make your house more attractive to potential buyers, whether they be real estate investors or regular homeowners.

One thing you can do is understand the home features today’s buyers are looking for and what kind of upgrades you can make to improve your house’s resale value potential on the market. Here are 10 home features PropertyLark has identified as being highly desirable in 2021.

1. Open Floor Plan

This has been a trend for many years, but homeowners love a nice open floor plan. They like the house to have a welcoming “flow” from room to room and it’s common to see great rooms that blend the kitchen, living room and dining room areas all into one open living space. You don’t necessarily have to completely remodel your house, but you can implement open concept ideas to improve how inviting your home looks to potential buyers.

2. Energy Efficiency

Of course, energy efficiency is very desirable. There are federal tax rebates and many states also have rebates you can benefit from. We’re talking about things like solar, new windows/doors, upgraded insulation and new electrical systems to reduce your energy dependency. These features can reduce utility bills, offer tax benefits and increase the desirability (and value) of your home when selling.

3. Home Office Space

Remote education and working were already growing trends prior to 2020, but the pandemic really stepped up the need for having a dedicated home office space (or multiple spaces for learning and working). We expect remote working to be more common as time goes on, so you may want to think about converting one of your extra rooms into a home office.

4. Wireless Connectivity

On the heels of the home office feature above, you want your house to work well for wireless connectivity. Will the router’s signal reach every room? How well can you implement digital assistants like Alexa, Google and Siri? Do you have access to charging ports and other high-tech features? What about the entertainment set-up? Home technology and wireless connectivity are must have features in today’s homes.

5. Low-Maintenance Appliances

When is the last time the water heater, dishwasher or stove was upgraded? How about the sprinkler system or HVAC system? Making upgrades to more dependable appliances and systems can boost the value of your home. Buyers don’t want to deal with maintenance headaches!

6. Storage Space

Extra space is always a good thing—from walk-in closets and pantries to spacious garages, sheds, basements, attics and storage rooms. The more storage space your house has, the more buyers will like it.

7. Laundry Rooms

A dedicated laundry room is always a nice feature to have in a home. This utility space can be separated so it doesn’t interfere with the regular living spaces. If your house has a laundry room, it is a huge plus. It’s just not something you think about until you start searching for a new home of your own. You don’t realize how much you need it until you don’t have it!

8. Patios and Yards

Home buyers want outdoor space, as well. If you have a nice patio, garden, pool, yard and/or good landscaping, you should get more revalue out of your property. Just make sure everything is kept up and looks good when it comes time to show the home and all its outdoor splendor.

9. Updated Kitchens and Baths

Most living spaces are easy to update and make your own with the furniture and décor you add. Living rooms and bedrooms are typically blank canvases on which to create whatever the buyer wants. The same cannot be said about the kitchen or the bathrooms. These are more difficult to customize or remodel. If your kitchen and bathrooms are recently upgraded and updated, you will certainly be able to attract more buyers and a higher resale price.

10. Exterior Lighting & Home Security

Home security is always important. You want good exterior lighting and other home security features that will make the buyers feel safe and confident in making an offer. Obviously, your neighborhood is going to have a major impact on the property’s value, so that should factor into what kind of home features you want to upgrade and highlight.

When you invest time and money into making upgrades and improving the overall curb appeal of your home, you will reap the benefits with a house that is more attractive to buyers. If you are not wanting to make these updates or get your house ready for an open market sale, you can always consider selling it for cash to a real estate investor. You can get a fair cash offer for your house in as-is condition. Let them deal with the repairs and upgrades while you move onto your next chapter in life.

Whether you are looking for a quick and simple cash offer or you would like to sell your home on the open market, PropertyLark is here to help. Contact us and we’ll explore your different options. Then, you can decide which selling route is best for your financial situation. Get started by filling out the contact form on any page of this website.